86% B2B companies are using account based marketing and sales strategy.

How can you increase your rate of returns by focusing on high value clientele?

Businesses who cater to large companies and those who sell services like information technology, management consulting, and Advisory can benefit the most from a focused and targeted approach to marketing.

Account Based Digital Pursuit Marketing involves researching and identifying the top accounts, finding out the challenges they are facing, designing a solution specific to these problems and finding out the right touchpoints to reach out to these accounts based on profile research.

Digital pursuit for these accounts includes designing creatives based on the specific solutions that the accounts need and targeting the accounts with these creatives through LinkedIn. This builds brand awareness with the account before the first contact is made.

The prominent people, the decision makers, are identified and the company's leadership are provided with the right collateral on the account's problems to make contact and build relationship. The entire process of account based pursuit marketing is quite sophisticated and needs understanding of digital targeting and research.

The Go-To Guy! is a digital marketing agency that partners with companies for Account Based Digital Pursuit Marketing to provide them with high value clientele.

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