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We start with empathy.

UX isn’t always a straight forward process, there’s nothing that cut and dried and definitely, no one size fits all. That’s why it’s all about living, breathing, and obsessing over the product until the spark comes alive. We start with user research and ask the difficult questions, we identify the motivations, psyche, and problems faced by the user and then map it to critical user journeys to offer the right solution.

We get to the root and don’t just trim the weeds.

Instead of creating a laundry list of issues and ticking them off one by one, we arrive at the fundamental problem first before addressing symptoms. The process of identifying these core problems is time taking and painstaking but we consider it as an investment so that we don’t end up on a slippery slope of making ad-hoc adjustments with no tangible impact.

We know everything forms part of a system.

It can be really tempting to start improving a ‘local experience’ or component while forgetting other parts of the user journey. We always think about the bigger picture and ensure that every touchpoint is consistent with the product’s larger vision.

Testing it with real people.

Often Designers, UX researchers, Copywriters, and even product stakeholders fall into a false consensus about how users will behave in a particular scenario or context. These assumptions mostly fall flat once the product hits the market. Every iteration that we develop is rigorously tested with a representative set of real users and their feedback is incorporated into our UX strategy to avoid any untoward surprises.

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