Consistent brand identity can increase revenue by 23%

Why brand expression matters?
Builds brand heritage:

When your visual and verbal language is consistent over time, your patrons begin to associate you with brand identifiers such as color, logo, type and so on. This means that whenever and wherever they interact with your brand they expect it to communicate in a certain way. Legendary brands such as Coke, IBM, Apple, Michelin, and UPS have always maintained consistency in the way that they present themselves, helping them create brand heritage prompting an instant recall from their customers.

Creates an archetype:

Brand consistency helps create a personality for your brand that customers relate with. Whether your brand identifies itself as Magical (Disney), Sage-like (Harvard), Outlaw (Marlboro), Jester (Skittles) or Explorer (Northface), customers choose to buy from brands that have developed a unique voice for themselves. It also helps your brand build on positive emotions and memories associated with the archetype. This means that each time people are exposed to your brand they begin to feel more comfortable and secure, priming them for a buying decision.

Protects your investment:

Many organizations spend a great deal of money in crafting a brand identity for themselves including the right logo, brand guidelines, voice and tone for themselves. However, a sloppy application of this brand identity across mediums is like throwing away your valuable investment. Once you’ve hammered down on your brand identity, it’s essential to carry the same identity across mediums so that it is conveyed consistently across all customer touchpoints.

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