Color increases brand recognition by 80%

The Pillars that strong brands are build on
Connection and Emotion:

Where marketing fails, stories succeed. If your brand does not excite your customers and drive them to take action then the longevity of your business is at stake. We help you create an identity that tugs at the heartstrings of your customers, seeding a strong foundation for brand loyalty..


This is what makes or breaks your brand identity, once you’ve chosen a color palette, messaging, and visual language for your brand it’s essential that this is carried throughout your entire physical and online presence at every customer touchpoint. Any point of failure or inconsistency can cause dissonance in your brand perception.


When creating a brand identity in today’s day and age it is essential to consider the different ways that it will be presented. Few things to consider - Does the logo and art style work for your website? Can it be scaled down for your mobile app? Can it be printed on your business card? Can it be incorporated into your merchandise? It is essential to create an identity that’s versatile enough to work across your entire digital and physical presence for your brand identity to be effective.

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Colour Palette


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