The Go-To Guy!’s approach to building the right chatbot for you.

Our 10-step qualitative approach for chatbot development ensures that the chatbot we build for you is perfect for your specific needs.

  • 1
    Define Chatbot Role

    We look at the insights your data provides and identify the relevant role of chatbot in your business. This helps enlist the features and capabilities of bot with realistic goals.

  • 2
    Identify the Right Channel

    Text-based chatbots can be integrated into any communication channel that carries a dialog, be it a chatbot on the website or on a messaging app (incl platform like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, etc.). We identify which works best for your business based on your customer preferences.

  • 3
    Build Conversational Architecture

    We create a conversational architecture that mimics natural language to understand the different ways humans interact. This keeps the user engagement interactive with open-ended conversations.

  • 4
    Create Dialog Flows & Storyboards

    The flow of conversations is just as much important. With the right dialog flows Chatbots can maneuver the user to the solution he is looking for, or even proactively upsell a product. Methodically building such steps is a crucial aspect of a successful chatbot.

  • 5
    Design Integrations

    We discover and verify any existing integrations that can be leveraged in building the chatbot. In addition to that, any integration that smoothens the customer journey is added to make your chatbots seamless and more productive.

  • 6
    Collect Chat Data

    With the responses collected from the users, the chatbot can learn more about the natural language of humans and its diversity. The more conversations a chatbot learns from, the more accurate its responses can be trained for future conversations.

  • 7
    Choose a Platform

    We pick the right platform for your chatbot based on your requirements and goals, creating either a set number of rules from top to bottom or using machine learning algorithms to make the chatbot learn from a collection of written texts.

  • 8
    Analytics and Performance Index

    Data insights is the key to improve your bots performance. Graphically view how your bot has performed and continuously improve your over all customer experience. Prioritise the features by hearing your customers' feedback.

  • 9
    Internal Testing & Revisions

    With the help of automated testing, we test and revise your NLU and bot flow to reach an acceptable level of accuracy. Although 100% accuracy is unattainable, we make sure you come close.

  • 10
    Early Development

    When your bot is live, we help with pilot runs, to monitor initial conversations for any possible tweaks in chatbot model before the bigbang.

Human-centered AI Chatbot Development

Conversational AI-Chatbots

Conversational AI-Chatbots:Engaging conversational flows to instinctively build rapport with customers.

Compelling UI Designs

Compelling UI Designs:We create appealing and intuitive UI designs for a smooth customer experience.

Human-centered AI-chatbot Development

Human-centered AI-chatbot Development:With NLU, we create conversations that feel natural.

Live Chats

Live Chats:We keep your customers engaged around the clock with live chats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Also called Chatterbots, Chatbots are a form of AI technology that is used in messaging apps or websites to interact with an audience without human intervention. This adds convenience to both customers (who are looking for specific things) and businesses (who aren’t available all the time to respond).

A chatbot is a computer program that mimics natural human conversation. Users can either talk to a chatbot using text or by voice - like talking to another human being. Chatbots analyze and interpret the user’s words and phrases to respond with an instant pre-set answer.

Chatbots learn by automatically analyzing past data and making assumptions about what’s right and what’s not. Moreover, in some cases, humans edit the system based on new learnings. But in most cases, both of these approaches are required.

AI brings the human perspective to every conversation that the chatbot strikes with a user. With AI, the bot understands the user’s query and triggers the appropriate response for the same like humans communicate with each other.

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