70% of the global workforce is passive when it comes to searching for a job.

How would you make yourself heard by the right talent for the right position?

There’s an increasing number of talent who are leveraging digital platforms to look for job opportunities, whether actively or passively. Their quest for the perfect job makes them selective in their approach and finding the right profile becomes difficult for the companies.

This is where Digital Hiring comes into play. With a clearly planned strategy and a deeper understanding of the social networks and platforms like LinkedIn, you can run your next recruitment drive completely online. What’s more, Digital Hiring can help you cut costs of recruiting by upto 80% as compared to going through conventional means of hiring.

We, at The Go-To Guy!, have successfully executed hiring campaigns for multiple companies, recruiting candidates for various roles and positions. With a dedicated team of social media strategists, analysts, and communication experts, the team is well equipped to create the best strategy to help you hire the best candidates for your company at the most optimal costs.

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