Narwal, a digital transformation company, boasted
of a deeply focused expertise in automation, data analytics, and cloud.
They understood that experience isn’t enough.
They needed to garner a positive public opinion.
So, we created a brand identity that focused on people.

We improved on their logo
to make it more impactful

And we came up with a tagline that portrayed their customer obsession.


We built a website that showcased
their expertise in the area.

While also focusing on their commitment to customer satisfaction.

And created an
and intuitive flow
for the website.

We made their digital presence
count with strong metaphors.

And created brand awareness campaigns with objects that mimic their mnemonic

And we honoured the ladies in the tech during Women’s History Month to promote a gender-neutral brand identity.

We made their
social media
come to life.

And solved their real-world
sales problems.

That’s not all, we created a buzz in the industry with


Got an Idea? We will take it to the world.