How We Market You On Social Media

Our social media marketing process involves vigorous teamwork to ensure engaging and profitable campaigns. We have carefully crafted a 6-step process to help identify your requirements, engage in a structured and tested research process, analyze the entire market for the newest trends, and develop the right strategy.

This way we study audience behaviour and and interests to warrant success.

Boost your social media presence with us to build a strong brand identity and a community of customers. We help you generate leads that ultimately convert into sales.

Increase your engagement with our approach
  • 1
    Identifying Right Platforms

    We select the social media channels that align with your industry type and targeted audience.

  • 2
    Industry Research

    We scout the selected platforms every month to research how industry leaders and competitors are leveraging social media.

  • 3
    Content Creation

    Based on the latest trends and current relevant information, we create content to educate and inspire your audience for increased engagement.

  • 4
    Publishing Right

    We publish the posts at optimum times on days when the audience is most engaged, based on insights from the platform.

  • 5
    Social Media Management

    We keep tabs on the social accounts to ensure everything is aligned and all activity happening on the page is monitored for brand value.

  • 6
    Frequent Reports

    We have regular reviews to discern the performance of posts and for strategizing further planning - there’s continuous learning happening.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Include

Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook marketing services ensure that both the ad copy and the creative displayed on your advertisement gains maximum audience engagement. We target ads to your audience based on interests, demographics, and geography. We work towards the lowest possible cost per acquisition according to your budget.

Instagram Marketing

Our professional team of designers can help you achieve converts while our digital team ensures that we target the right audience based on interests, demographics, and geography. Our skilled digital marketing team can make the best use of tools specific to Instagram and help you tap extra revenue. These include Filters that let users try on your product virtually, live video, IGTV, swipe-up feature on stories, shoppable tags, etc.

LinkedIn Marketing

Our LinkedIn marketing services allow you to engage with more B2B customers. It is the only platform that allows you to advertise to audiences holding specific designations, working at particular organizations, and belonging to a certain industry. Leveraging this we build specific communication that appeals to decision-makers and ensure the growth of your B2B venture.

Twitter Marketing

Our Twitter marketing services help you leverage the popularity of the social network to engage with important audiences in the industry. The platform allows you to follow and benefit from top industry, trending news, and similar current happenings that are relevant to your brand.

Quora Marketing

Our Quora advertising services help you advertise your products and services exactly where your target audience is looking for solutions. With an active community of solution-seekers on the platform, it’s imperative to advertise your business there.

Social Competitive Analysis

Our service in this regard includes a complete market analysis of your service areas and industry. We find local and global competitors to understand how they engage and gain their audience. We analyze the content and messaging that performs well in your industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a marketing tool that uses social media channels to communicate with audiences to build a brand, a community, generate leads, earn revenue, and also drive website traffic. It involves creating content, publishing it regularly, engaging with the audience, planning out any paid campaign, and running ads which are optional.

At The Go-To Guy!, we build an effective social media marketing strategy by leveraging the benefits that the social media platforms provide: Insights. By analyzing insights, we can majorly understand the following: The target audience. The type of content that is more impactful. The time and day of posting that are the most effective. We then customize our content strategy, unleash creativity that is unique and engaging to achieve successful social media marketing.
On average, people below the age of 40 spend about 2 hours a day on social media. It only makes sense to grab their attention on this platform where there’s room for two-way communication. Some benefits of social media marketing include:
  • Improved brand awareness.
  • More affordable and effective advertising.
  • Increased website traffic.
  • Chance to get “viral”.
  • Understand your audience.
  • And many more.
  1. Targeted Advertising: Unlike traditional media, you can ensure that your advertising is only targeted towards those customers who are most likely to buy them. You can therefore get better results with lesser spending
  2. Reports and Insights:You can accurately track the organic and paid response that you have received through social media. Social media also becomes a research tool that gives a better understanding and information of the industry.
  3. Custom Tools:Most social media platforms have inbuilt tools that help businesses thrive. For instance, Instagram has special inbuilt stores on the platform that the audience can access through your page. This helps businesses reduce the revenue spend taken to redirect customers onto a website.
It is the complete plan that details the type of content, the dates of publishing, the kind of engagement and outreach, and the audience targeted, keeping in mind the goal (engagement/sales, etc.). It also involves initial competitor and trend analysis as well as a performance review.
Social media is one of the most affordable yet effective means of advertising. It also helps people associated with your brand better and increases affinity. Which in the long run can help in generating solid revenues.
Small businesses have a better advantage here as they are perceived to be more human. It is therefore easier for them to relate with the audience. Apart from this, social media levels the playing field so anybody has the opportunity to create an identity. Its paid ads are also extremely cheaper than traditional media.
Social media management services include the creation of profiles on relevant social media platforms, the regular creation of content, the publishing of it, and engagement with the audience.
The services included here are intending to market a brand on social media. Be it for increasing brand awareness or generating leads. These services include everything from the initial planning to the posting. Any paid campaigns and their analysis are also a part of social media marketing services.
Social media advertising is a part of social media marketing, which only includes any paid actions. These services include strategizing, budgeting, developing content according to your brand goal and target audience, A/B testing, running engagement/lead generation/awareness campaigns, review, and analysis.

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