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Our expert lead generation services in Dubai are based on a firm understanding of Lead Generation through specific targeting and transparent budgeting. Our experience in optimizing search engine ads and social media ads for the highest conversion has provided us with the right insights to create ads that convert.

Studying Your Audience

First, we study your potential clients and their pain points to eventually get to the ‘Why’ that motivates your prospects.


Analyzing Your Competition

Then, we analyze your competition to fabricate ads that will differentiate you by manifolds.


Defining The Objective

After that, we define the key goals to gain clarity that caters to the campaign success.


Determining The KPIs

Subsequently, we determine the KPIs that include Conversion Rate, Average Click-through Rate, Quality Score, Average Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion, and others.


Researching On Keywords

Then comes the research. We extensively research on the relevant keywords to reach the target audience efficiently.


Curating Eye-Catching Ads

Then we curate compelling ads with persuasive copies amalgamated with the best designs and then launch the campaign.


Monitoring The Results

And finally, we monitor the campaign closely and consistently to see what works and what doesn’t to optimize it for the best results.


Consistent Reporting

After a systematic tracking of your results based on predetermined metrics, we update you with a sophisticated reporting of all the results on a consistent basis.

We run enticing ad campaigns that directly communicate your value proposition to your customers, make sure that the campaign runs smoothly, and provide you with consistent reports of the campaign’s results based on predetermined metrics - befitting our reputation as the top lead generation agency in Dubai.
Ad Creation
Persuading your target audience into conversion through compelling and attractive ads
Monitoring Results
Tracking the campaign and monitoring its performance to see what’s working and what isn’t
Optimizing and Adaption
Adapting the campaign based on what doesn't work and optimizing for the best results
Consistent Reporting of Performance
Adapting the campaign based on what doesn't work and optimizing for the best results
Our Expertise
Get all Paid Advertising services at one-stop
Google Search Ads
Creating compelling ads to attract potential clients and drive sales effortlessly.
Google Local Ads
Creating brilliant strategies that make your products or services visible to consumers looking for them in your target area.
Social Media Marketing
Making optimal use of social media with our domain expertise to advertise products and increase sales.
Display Ads
Creating eye-catching Display Ads to target your potential customers while they surf the internet.
Youtube Ads
Adopting the second largest search engine to reach the right customer at the right time.
Shopping Ads
Creating effective campaigns that help you generate quality leads and make your products stand out.
Email Campaigns
Creating targeted email campaigns that reach the inboxes of potential customers and generate leads.
Employing attractive advertising to reconnect with consumers who have interacted with your brand online.
Lead Generation
Expanding the reach of your brands to your target audience and nurturing them into becoming loyal customers.
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We wanted The Go-To Guy! to be our all-hats-wearing digital agency. There was a lot we needed from them like SEO, Social Media Marketing and revamping our website to make it well-equipped for the digital space. We also needed to run paid campaigns on Google Adwords. It was a lot of work and The Go-To Guy! didn’t disappoint. They increased our Awareness on the digital space, building an amazing fanbase and increased the number of leads we were getting.
-Sowmya Iyyer
Head - Marketing & CRM, Tenet Diagnostics

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