7 Touchpoints For Engaging Digital-Native Advisors

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New-age investors demand new marketing approaches

With history’s biggest wealth transfer, the power to invest passes down to the first generation of digital-native investors. Unlike earlier generations, millennials believe in seeing beyond expertise to trust a financial advisor.

What do they look for?

Online Presence

Social Proof

Personalized & Emotional Engagement

Seamless Brand Experience

Real-time, Effortless Interactions

Attract the millennial HNIs
with a strong digital footprint

Establish your
thought leadership

Create relevant and engaging content consistently to showcase expertise.

Increase brand
visibility online

Position your digital assets right where they are searching for your services.

Nurture your
online reputation

Become aware of brand mentions online and respond the right way on time.

Humanize your
brand to connect

Build an omnichannel community to engage with your audience personally.

Inspire strong
emotional engagement

Produce videos to evoke a strong emotional connection with your customers.

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For the last one year we have been engaged with The Go-To Guy! and the kind of rigor that we've seen is phenomenal. The kind of value addition that this agency have done is phenomenal.

Vivek Singal,
Co-Founder Valuefy Solutions

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