Brand Storytelling for Spice Flavor "Auteur" | Cheeky Food
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Compelling Brand Storytelling for a Spice Flavor "Auteur"

Cheeky Food is a flavor design studio that specializes in making customized flavors for authentic recipes.

They consider flavor making as an art and wanted to be portrayed as a new-gen artist for their online presence.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity


Website Design
Brand Awareness Campaigns
Brand Assets


Website Development
Landing Pages

We Crafted Their Unique Brand Story Across Platforms to Build a Distinctive Perception Among Customers

We Painted Their Unique Story Across all Their Marketing Collateral, Creating a Consistent Brand Narrative Throughout

Feedback Slips - For Customer Engagement

Cheeky Emailers to Keep the Customers Engaged

We Built a Website that Matched their Taste to the T, Crafting a very Flavorful Story

We Ensured That Their Narrative Remained Consistent Across All Platforms & Channels

We Developed a Unique Social Media Persona for Their Brand to Keep Their Customers Hooked

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