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Amplifying Digital Presence for a Century-old Jewellery Brand

Musaddilal Jewellers, a legacy jewelry brand, has been adding to Hyderabad’s cultural heritage with its unmatched craftsmanship and impeccable quality for more than 100 years.

They wanted to expand their digital presence to be on par with the contemporary world. So, we revamped and strengthened their online channels.


Website Design
Brand Awareness Campaigns
Digital Ad Creatives
Event Collaterals


Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Paid Marketing


Website Development
Landing Pages

We brought glamor, glitz, and higher engagement on social media.

In-Store Branding

For a brand with such a rich legacy, the in-store experience needed to bring out the best of the brand's collection in a fashion that would keep the customers hooked inside the store.

We made sure the finely-crafted collections got the attention they deserved

And we also made sure that the customers carried something of this legacy home

At all the offline places where the brand was featured, we made sure they were show stoppers.

We created buzz for the brand in exhibitions like Style Tatva.

We created buzz for the brand in exhibitions like Style Tatva. We made sure that the news of the brand's feature in the exhibition reach all corners of the target audience in time to ensure higher brand recall at the event. Our themed-based social media posts were responsible for gaining an increased traction in the younger audience who want to see aesthetic posts on their feeds.

We created a powerful website that hinted at their history but with a modern touch.

We crafted a powerful online presence that is consistent across all social channels.

Social Media Results

Increased their instagram followers

With creative, interactive, and consistent content, we grew their Instagram manifolds




Times increase in followers


Accounts reached Per Month


Accounts engaged Per Month


MoM follower increase

The stories we’ve created for them received:




Organic reach



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