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Creating a Fresh Brand for a New Vertical for a BSE-listed Pharma Company

ZIM Laboratories, a leading BSE-listed Pharma Company, created a new vertical - an retail offshoot of their patented technology - ThinOral Films, an innovative fast-dissolving oral thin strip.

They wanted to bring awareness amongst the consumers about the technology, so they entered the market with over-the-counter nutraceutical products

They wanted to have a highly-effective product awareness to conquer the audience's minds.


Website Design
Social Media Campaigns
Paid Campaigns
Video Marketing
Emailers & Newsletters


Website Developement
HTML Emailers


Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing Content
Syndication Performance Marketing

We created for them a highly-consistent, pointed, and impactful online presence.

Social Media Results

Increased their LinkedIn followers

from 8040 to 11,009

in just 1 Year



And for the days that mattered to the audience, we created highly engaging social posts.

And sometimes, impactful.

The Impact We Delivered




increase in website clicks




increase in website Impressions

We helped them rank at the top on Google


Thinoral technology

Ranked Position - 1st


Oral Thin Films

Ranked Position - 1st


Pharmaceutical Co-Development

Ranked Position - 2nd


Pharma Thinoral Strips Manufacturer

Ranked Position - 2nd


EU-GMP Certified Pharmaceutical Company

Ranked Position - 3rd


Directly Compressible Granules Manufacturer

Ranked Position - 3rd


Oral Thin Film Manufacturers in India

Ranked Position - 4th

Brand Extensions

For their mouth-freshener brand, an offshoot of the primary brand, we created a separate digital presence that focused on the flavors and kept the narrative fresh.

We also created interesting and lively campaigns that showcased the variety in flavors

Our campaigns let the audience relate to the products through compelling visuals

And we became a part of the celebrations during the IPL season

When they realized that there’s a market for over-the-counter nutraceuticals that can be turned into Oral Thin Films, they wanted to create a separate vertical brand.

We created a logo that was filled with vitality and energy without losing the essence of the parent company.

We built their online presence at a break-neck speed

We built a highly-functional, mobile-responsive website for their brand, solidifying their online presence to ensure that the right audience can be reached and brand awareness can be achieved.

We achieved all that in no time.

We designed their packaging for a heightened brand recall

With a website that was both informative and functional to introduce the audience to nutraceuticals like never before

The aesthetic experience of the website exudes a feeling of liveliness and energy, for a feel-good factor

And created very pointed ad campaigns for high conversions.

We created email campaigns to bring awareness to their audience on nutraceuticals

We also let the audience aware of the CSR activities by the parent company - ZIM Laboratories

While creating highly-engaging visual storytelling to draw attention

like what you see

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