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When was the last time you checked your mobile? I am sure the answer is just a few mins back, if not a few seconds back. What am I trying to say? Just one thing – Mobile has already become an integral part of everyone’s lives. It is time, we as marketing need to realize and pay due importance to mobile as a marketing channel.

Here are top 4 reasons why mobile marketing is important and why marketers need to evaluate it as part of their digital strategy:

Smartphone market is growing exponentially

The global smartphone market is rapidly expanding. Several billions of mobile phones have been sold globally. The mobile market is expected to continue grow at a CAGR of 8% for the next 8 years. The modern consumer is connected to this device for several hours on an everyday basis and is using this device for not just socializing but to consume media, play games, check weather, shop, travel and what not. Due to this, businesses have crafted aggressive marketing strategize to acquire and retain the consumers on the mobile space. They can directly put their brand message to the consumer through mobile.

Everyone is spending more time on mobile

A recent report by Nielsen reveals that US adults in 2016 spent on an average over 10 hours per day staring at a screen – a third of it was on smartphones and tablets according to eMarketer. This is a global trend and not just restricted to US. The frequency and duration of mobile usage has been growing globally. This provides ample opportunities for brands and advertisers to reach out to the ever connected consumer via mobile devices. Businesses have realized this and are responding to this trend by integrating mobile as part of their core marketing strategy. They are developing more apps and content for the mobile platform.  As per eMarketer, by 2020, mobile will contribute to 73.7% of digital and 34.2% of total media ad investment.

Mobile is real time

Mobile messages have an open rate of over 90% which is way better than email marketing or any other digital channels. Mobile also allows for a lot of real time in the moment advertising opportunities. Several companies are using location based services to provide real time information to consumers based on their current location as determined by their phone GPS. Brands are pushing out relevant offers and discounts via push notifications to consumers who are nearby. These real-time offers have a much better conversion rate compared to a blanket mobile campaign as the users are right there, next to your shop, bar or cafe!

M-commerce is the next frontier of shopping

M-commerce or mobile commerce is nothing but making a purchase through a mobile device. E-commerce has been on the rise for the last few years, but mobile commerce is the next frontier for shopping. The rise of mobile payments, internet connectivity, penetration of smartphones and convenience has led to an explosion in mobile commerce. Here are the three must know trends in mobile commerce

  1. More than 60% of ecommerce traffic is from mobile

  2. Mobile apps convert 3 time better than mobile sites

  3. 200% more repeat customers with apps vs mobile site

Large and small businesses alike have realized the importance of mobile commerce and have acknowledged its growth and future potential. They are focusing their efforts towards developing websites and apps for ‘a mobile commerce world’.

We are already in a mobile first world and the future looks to be more connected than ever. Mobile needs to be an integral part of the overall marketing strategy for any business that wants to connect with the modern consumer.