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Why is TikTok of famous?

  1. Ease of use – simple user interface
  2. Ease of consumption – Video format
  3. Relatable content – user generated, making it authentic

Now that you know what makes TikTok so powerful, let’s see how as a marketer you can leverage it to promote your brand, product, and service.

Broadly, here are four ways of creating your own TikTok growth strategy:

  1. Hashtag Challenge Ads
  2. In-Feed Native Ad
  3. Creating User-Generated Content
  4. Traditional Influencer Marketing

Hashtag Challenge

These were the type of videos that were the genesis of TikTok! Open up the app, and I’m sure there are at least 3-4 “high-profile” challenges that are going on. The latest being #champetachallenge, which was started by Shakira after her performance at the Super Bowl Half Time show.

The challenge can be a simple one asking users to review your product or simply tell you how it solved a problem of theirs. Of course, the quirkier the challenge the better social traction you get!

In-feed Native Ads

Although new to TikTok ads are the safest bet you can place to register in your prospect’s mind. Similar to Instagram Stories ads, in-feed native ads can have creative messaging or a simple call to action. The best part of these ads is that they are fully trackable – making it easy for you to understand the ROI.

Creating User-Generated Content

This is a no brainer. TikTok allows for a fully immersive experience, something that social media users absolutely love! Publishing content that is user-generated promotes the brand better. This keeps the user engaged. Because the videos are not “professionally” made, your users can relate to it easily.

Traditional Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing is similar to YouTube. You can always leverage influencers to promote your brand. A simple video in which the influencer talks about your brand, product or service can go a long way in terms of accumulating users.

To sum up, these four marketing techniques should enable you or your brand to create an identity among your prospects, engage with them and in a way entertain them as well.

However, what if you don’t see the desired results even after trying/practicing these techniques?

Of course, you will be worried, possibly thinking of new ways to promote the app.

You may be correct to a certain extent, but why reinvent the wheel when you can smoothen it, right?

Here are a few Tiktok growth strategies you could follow to improve your TikTok marketing game:

  • Be creative
  • Focus on self-expression
  • Stay close to your brand identity
  • Associate with social causes

Be Creative

Remember the first video you did. It definitely had a creative element in it. Great! You realized it worked for you and you’ve been doing it or replicating ever since.

Similar to the first video, try to add more creative elements into your videos so that they are exciting.

Pro tip: Scout other social media to spot trends. You may find something that can be reverse engineered to work towards a successful TikTok growth strategy.

Focus On Self-Expression

TikTok as a platform is centered on self-expression. From celebrities to influencers to individuals, everyone using the app is on it to express themselves. But somewhere in the daily workings on life, we as marketers forget that self-expression is the best way to connect with our users.

Stay Close To Your Brand Identity

This happens to the best of us. We tend to forget what we are trying to promote and/or position in our prospect’s mind. For example, there’s a clothing brand that produces garments from organic sources – wouldn’t it be prudent of them to position themselves as a sustainable clothing line? Or would it be wise of them to go all out and talk about how stylish their clothes look?

While doing the latter would help them in a way, taking a stand they are doing their bit to save the planet will definitely go a long way rather than conventional messaging.

Associate with Social Causes

This is more of a piggyback ride. You can associate the brand with any of the social causes from around the world. The example mentioned above is one of them.

This is a blog on using TikTok marketing, promote and position your brand, product, and service. Being relatively new on the social media market, TikTok has great potential and is impossible to overlook.

Over the next couple of years, brands and businesses will definitely use the app to further their market share. So, why not get on it before the competition.

Do you agree with the tips and strategies mentioned? Are you already using TikTok to promote the brand? If No, now is the right time to build a Tiktok growth strategy and endorse your brand on the platform to gain more value.

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