4+ negative articles about your company in Google search results might cost you up to 70% of potential customers.

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
These statistics seem scary, don’t they?

You’ve spent years building up your brand reputation but a single negative online review or a customer concern that’s ignored can be fatal to your business. That’s why it’s essential for forward-thinking brands to invest heavily in Online Reputation Management.

ORM or Online Reputation Management refers to the practice of proactively identifying and addressing customer issues online to ensure your reputation isn’t compromised. A better online reputation can help you create higher trust in your brand, attract better talent, and earn a higher profit on your marketing efforts. Companies who invest in online reputation management techniques over time are also likely to be given a second chance or fair better in the face of a public scandal, PR disaster or an incident that causes reputation loss. Picture how Apple has been forgiven time and time again for its unfair labor laws and sweatshop practices versus the almost demonic portrayal of Agribusiness giant Monsanto. Investing in ORM is no longer a luxury for today’s digital savvy brands it is a necessity.

Our team of highly trained ORM Community managers are coached on best practices in Customer Support and guidance to help navigate the digital landscape effortlessly. They are also extensively educated on client brands to help them deal with customer ire in a helpful manner and be your brand's first line of defense online. Our ORM services have helped client brands gain more favorable online reviews, avert communications crises, and measurably improved customer satisfaction index parameters based on online engagement.

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