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Success is an inspiring, two-syllable word that has always been the driving force behind the highest achievers in almost any domain, most certainly in business.

For a business to thrive and succeed, it needs to have a sophisticated and well-thought brand identity that helps it stand out from the crowd and make an impression on its customers.

However, due to one reason or another, there comes the time when a brand needs to revamp or recreate its identity to make it more relevant, more impactful, or more inclusive. This revamp or rebirth of a brand is known as Re-branding.

Re-branding is not easy though.

It needs time, expertise, and a ridiculously good team of creative people. But most importantly, all three of these requisites need to be in perfect synchrony.

Re-branding a small business may only require little planning among a few employees, enhancing the brand name, taglines, and outsourcing some of the professional requirements.

Re-branding a large business, on the other hand, is an entirely different ball game. It requires hiring a professional, ideating on a plan, consulting the stakeholders, and creating a perfect Re-branding exercise over multiple iterations and reworks.

Choosing The Right Re-branding Agency 

When you decide to hire a professional Re-branding Agency for your company, you must always choose the one that best suits your company and aligns with the ethos and pathos of your company.

That’s why, we’ve listed down the 5 factors that you should consider for selecting the best Re-branding Agency:


Expertise – Have they worked for your industry / similar size companies

Every industry has its own unique characteristics and the strategy to rebrand is not universal. When you approach a marketing agency to rebrand, you should have the following expertise checked:

  • Agency’s experience in the industry: Look for the agency’s experience in your industry. If they haven’t worked in your specific industry, see if they have worked in similar industries.
  • Agency’s Brand: Take the initiative and talk to them to understand the kind of work they do. See how they are being able to differentiate themselves from other agencies and if they are successful in doing so.

Portfolio – How good is their work

Look at their portfolio for the work they have done in the past. A reputable agency will be transparent about who their clients are, what strategy they used for them, and what the outcome was.

  • Client base: Look for any companies or brands you know or recognize. Find out how the Re-branding strategies fared for them.
  • Understand their strategy: Even if you cannot comprehend the entirety of the Re-branding strategy, get the general know-how of their strategy on re-branding your brand.
  • Analyze the outcome: Watch and analyze the stats for geographical reach and sales growth after the re-branding is done. Find out the impact it had on your customer base.


An effective Re-branding strategy boils down to the proven methods that the agency follows and the required changes needed for your business.

At the onset of the process, the agency would ask you the details of your brand, your story, and what you wish to achieve from the Re-branding exercise.

A well-devised re-branding process will help solve the internal and external communication problems of your brand and would resonate more clearly with the intended audience.

Before you choose an agency be sure to check all your requirements through market research and by consulting your staff.


A good agency is defined by its team and how well they work together. It is also important to know how the agency treats its team and how the work culture at the agency is


Ask questions about their core capabilities, their problem-solving methods, their attitude, and work ethics. These qualities are what make a good team and you could assess their ability to deliver.

A good team that works as one always delivers good results. So choose a company that has a great team that works together.

References – Ask For References

The final thing you ask from the agency before you choose whether to hire them or not is references.

References show the true work of an agency. A good re-branding agency would have many of these references with an added creative flair to showcase all the work they have created or the issues they have solved.

You should do a thorough background check to attest the abilities of the agency before you finalize your decision.

And finally, you need to be confident in your decision of choosing the perfect, creative, and capable re-branding agency. Together with them, you work like a well-oiled machine and recreate, re-establish, re-brand your brand to achieve the final step: Success.

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