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Brand logo design tips - The Go-To Guy!

10 Powerful Brand Logo Design Tips To Get You Started!

Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Branding - The Go-To Guy! - July 28, 2021

It is said that that it takes 50 milliseconds for a first impression to be registered. In a society where the visual…

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7 Significant Steps To Conduct A Successful Brand Audit

7 Significant Steps To Conduct A Successful Brand Audit

Brand Identity, Branding - The Go-To Guy! - May 6, 2021

In today’s competitive world, where choices are abundant, even a well-established brand can quickly lose its audience if it does not stay…

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6 essential elements to boost you brand identity - The Go-To Guy!

6 Essential Elements to Boost Your Brand Identity

Brand Identity, Branding - The Go-To Guy! - January 12, 2021

Brand identity reflects a company’s views and helps create the right image in consumers’ minds. The identity ensures that the stakeholders of…

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Brand Identity Prism - The Go-To Guy

Importance of Brand Identity Prism in a Nutshell

Brand Identity, Branding - The Go-To Guy! - December 29, 2020

Almost every company is making efforts to build a strong brand identity. This is because a solid brand helps the company stand…

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Building Brand Identity Guide - The Go-To Guy!

Building a Brand Identity: The 2022 Guide

Brand Identity, Branding - The Go-To Guy! - December 3, 2020

What is a Brand Identity ? Brand identity or brand experience can be summed up as the values that your product or…

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Brand Identity

Branding 101: 8 Step Process to Develop a Lasting Brand Identity

Brand Identity - The Go-To Guy! - April 3, 2020

Your brand is your brainchild, your years of hard work, something you have given your flesh & blood to. Portraying your brand…

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Everything you need to know about marketing on Instagram

Brand Identity, Social Media Marketing - The Go-To Guy! - May 22, 2019

As of 2018, Instagram has more than 500 million active users, daily. Think about the leads you could generate and the impressions…

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There is no right or wrong in branding and an individual opinion can drive a brand’s identity

Brand Identity, Marketing strategy - The Go-To Guy! - November 10, 2018

This is where most people fail in building strong brand identities. Before you step onto the platform of competitive media marketing, you…

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