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Google is always changing its algorithm.

Sometimes it’s a little tweak and sometimes quite a lot. It depends on the situation and how customers are interacting with the web.

This year, on the 27th of March, the company made tweaks to the core of Google, and the algorithm sensors created very distinctive fluctuation that continues to grow and evolve quite a bit even at this particular time.

Does the March 2019 Core Update come with a negative impact?

We all know most Google updates tend to have a negative impact on many websites. But this time around, things are actually a lot better.

The update started in March 2019 and it’s a broad core algorithm update that comes as a rollback for previous updates that remove many of the undue rankings for some websites.

This time, the sites with high authority are finally getting a boost in rankings and traffic. It was something businesses were hoping to come true.

Websites with a rank boost last year via the private blogging networks ended up with even more benefits now that the core update recognized their natural backlinks.

Why were some websites affected by the latest Google updates?

Apparently, the core focus is on making sure that the information is legitimate. Sites without contact details and no author bio are affected by this update.

The idea is that Google’s new update focuses on the uniqueness and value of the content. You need to deliver the value in your content. Just rewriting content from authority sites will not work.

You want to provide quality with original content.

Based on research it’s easy to see that the sites with a low EAT rating were the ones affected by the algorithm changes.

You need to find creative ways to increase you EAT rating and make sure you don’t suffer from an update like this in the future.

The main challenge comes from figuring out how to boost your EAT rating naturally with great success. Something that has the potential to take your online business to new heights.

How can you boost the EAT rating and rank high after the March 2019 Core Update?

Eliminate Duplicated Content

Eliminate duplicate or scraped content from your site. If you are duplicating content from other pages or if you scrape content, you will be hit by the March 2019 Core Update and rank lower.

Add Author Bio

Add a bio of authors on the blog pages. It builds credibility and enables you to boost the authority of your website.

Add Schema Markup

Adding a schema markup matters even more now with the March 2019 Core Update. And you have to make sure that it’s personalized and fully modified to suit your needs.

Add HTTPS to your URL

Most websites need to have HTTPs nowadays. March 2019 Core Update enforces that even more than ever before. Every effort you make to secure your website is worth it. It will end up bringing in great results.

Look at SEO expenses as investments they pay back with value. Integrating HTTPS to your website is super easy, you can just do it yourself.

Improve Backlink Quality

As always, backlink quality matters more than quantity. Getting just a few quality backlinks will bring you a better value. It will make things better.

We encourage you to create the best content that you can and share this with the audience. With time, you will get some great backlinks.

You can also engage in backlink sharing too, just white hat promotional approach though. Don’t be lured into black hat SEO back-linking. They serve no purpose.

Add information to About us Page

Create an About Us page, if you haven’t already, and provide detailed information about your business. Reviews and client testimonials are even better.

Show your visitors that you are focused on what you do and offer them enough information to take the next step, buy from you.

It works great and it can be adapted and adjusted in order to deliver the utmost value.

Were there other algorithm updates this year?

Google’s March 2019 Core Update was the major one, however, there are new changes happening all the time to the algorithm.

Their primary focus is on adapting and adjusting information and delivering more content and information to customers.

There were a few updates on January 16, 18, February 5, the 22nd and the 27th, as well as March 1st and 12th.

On January 16 they made a change that affected mostly automated websites, government, travel, education, and sports sites as well as blogs in these industries.

Google rarely states what they are changing, and this does make you question how exactly you have to adapt your website. The ideas we listed above are quite enough to keep you safe from these updates and make sure you reap the best benefits from your website.

Are there any new changes coming?

As said, Google is always updating the algorithm. In fact, the changes that they made recently are very significant. And small core changes happen all the time.

In fact, it’s said that Google is making around 600 core algorithm changes every year, so the changes that they are bringing to the table are mostly minor, you rarely have something potent.

What you will notice at least from this year, if not the previous years, is that smaller core updates are focused on a specific niche. You can learn some information about the core updates and then you can adapt and adjust things in ways that really matter.

How can you protect yourself against the latest Google updates?

● Make sure that you update your website content. Ensure that your old pieces are up to date. Offering high quality and updated content is always a good idea.

● Make sure that you optimize the website structure. Ideally, you want to adapt and adjust the website structure so it works adequately and with great results. Making even the smallest update matters, and you should also update the robots.txt file and website meta too, just to be safe.

● Remove any duplicated content from your website. We know we already told you that but it needs to be repeated.

● Avoid buying or selling links. Most people that sell backlinks won’t offer quality links, so you can end up being targeted with manual penalties. Spamming forums or comments or submitting articles to random sites irrelevant to your industry doesn’t work.

It’s very hard to cater to the latest Google algorithm updates. But if you know what you are doing, you won’t have a problem.

Monitor all the latest SEO updates and then adjust accordingly. It’s never easy to do that, but it will be worth it and your website will rank even higher if you cater to the changes. Otherwise, you can end up with penalties.

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