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Climbing the top of search engine results is every entrepreneur’s dream, but only a few wins it.

Do you ever navigate to the second page of search engine results?

No. Nobody does.

So reaching that top spot means increased visibility and potential traffic to your site.

If you are stressed like “My website isn’t showing up on Google, for what reason is this happening?!”

We have answers!

While there’s no real way to totally ensure top rankings, this blog will take a look at certain techniques anyone can use to truly boost their chances of claiming that #1 spot.

Building high-quality links are the keystone of most SEO campaigns. I’m not telling it’s the only factor however it is unquestionably one of the most important.

So, what’s next?

Will you build links like the pros, eventually boosting your website’s position?

Follow our strategies, you will get the help you need.

What Links are Worth It?

Link building is the way towards gaining hyperlinks from other websites.

To understand the link building, it’s important to know what a link is and what search engines can interpret from them.

Link is simply a connection between two pages on the web. Search engine robots use these links to discover pages on the internet. This is called crawling.  Once the crawling is done, they extract the content and start indexing it. In this way, they decide the ranking of those pages by not just content but also by the number of links pointing to that page from external websites.

The notion is clear that, that when somebody connects to another site, they are effectively admitting that it is a good &meaningful resource. Else, they wouldn’t connect to it. This led Google to consider this factor as a vote of confidence about a page.

But Not All Links are Equal!

Having said that, only “high-quality” backlinks improve your site’s reputation and ranking. A link from an authoritative website is worth more than a random link from a small website.

For instance, if you are running a school, you’d rather get a link from a school review on high domain authority site, than, a link from a restaurant website.

So choosing an effective site is a big deal in SEO link building and of course, getting those high-quality links is a lot harder.

Shady Techniques

People always emerge in unethical tactics (Black hat SEO), to get faster results and rankings. But these practices eventually end up in Google penalizing your site, as your site gets linked to websites with a questionable reputation.

So play fair and win.

Internal Linking

Internal links are the hyperlinks that connect to other pages of the same website. They establish the hierarchy and guides search engine the proper navigation throughout the site, announcing what are most important pages and what is less valuable.

If your website has strong internal linking, the search engine crawling will happen a lot faster.

Do-Follow Links Vs. No-Follow Links

Domain authority (ranking metric developed by MOZ) is something that refers to the “strength” of a specific domain in the SEO link building world. If you are linking to a website and they allow their SEO link juice (Domain authority) to flow to your site that is termed as Do-Follow and a no-follow link is a link that does not carry any link juice to your site.

But if you think you shouldn’t bother with no follow links, then you are misguided.

Just because they don’t provide SEO link juice, doesn’t mean no-follow links are worthless, they still provide valuable traffic to your site.

Confused? Not to stress, we’re going to clear everything up.

A well-placed blog comment or a relevant guest blog, no follow or not, can drive huge referral traffic to your website, which at that point can pipe down to leads.

How to know whether the link is a Do-Follow or a No-Follow?

Simple, go-to source page of a specific domain, do an Edit>Find and search for “no-follow”, all no-follow tags will be highlighted.

Done withtheWhat& the Why, Now let’s discuss, The How?

Let’s jump right into the strategies which work.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging (Guest Posting) is an act of writing a post to another blogger’s website. Now you may think, why do other websites encourage your post? In reality, Guest blogging is a mutually beneficial arrangement. You need an effective platform to promote and they want quality content to convince audience and keep them returning.

Is blogging overrated?

Not really. As per 2020 stats, more than 70 Million blog posts are published each month expanding its reach. Thus, guest blogging is a pure win-win scenario. You get your name and links to your own blog from more potential readers.

Follow the guidelines, find perfect blogs, and come up with impressive pitch and approach in a way that your host can’t resist.

Build Relationships

Building connections and trust is the guru mantra of marketing. There are enough opportunities out there like forums, social groups to build new contacts. Have you ever surfed Facebookextensively? There is a chance to create a group and invite people to join and you can also join a well-established group.

For instance, there is a specific group named Link Building Experts Group on Facebook, make the first step and participate in discussions with interesting and relevant comments.

Being active in these online communities’ benefits you in not only increasing some great backlinks but also helps you updated with most current industry news.

Broken Link Technique

A broken link is actually an asset to SEO link building activity. By using Link Juice Recovery tool, you can find the broken backlinks that your site has, also, broken links on other websites.

You can take advantage of this option, look for broken links on other websites and advise their admins about them. Mail them, offer help first and then ask for a link. This really works as this is different than straight-up link begging.

Turn Brand Mentions into Links

Turning mentions into links is indeed a clever yet easy move to earn hundreds, possibly even thousands of new backlinks. Utilize tools like Backlink Profiler, find out the unlinked mentions (a few websites may use your reference and mention your site name, however neglected to provide a link to that mention), connect with them and ask to add a link to that.

Simple … Isn’t It??

Observe Competitor Backlinks

Ahref is one such powerful SEO tool, which provides you an opportunity to observe and figure out what competitors had in their bucket. So analyze your competitor’s performance, list out their healthy backlinks which you don’t have yet. Approach and acquire them, if they managed to get them, why shouldn’t you too?

Submit Testimonials

Organizations of all shapes and sizes love to flaunt their client reviews.

Testimonials (reviews) not only help the customer during the decision-making process, but also, a brilliant method to build up trust and credibility for your business.

Write a genuine review for any other website’s product or service, mention them, they will definitely appreciate this gesture. Even if they don’t link back to you, it still includes your business name.That’s helpful, too.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about social site submissions.

  • Bookmarking’s
  • Directories
  • Document Sharing’s
  • Pinging
  • Search Engine Submissions

These social sites are visited by hundreds of visitors daily. So by listing your website in these social sharing sites, you can improve online visibility and get lots of free website traffic.

It’s high time to implement these strategies and see changes. For more details contact.

Go explore and share your thoughts