Our Step-By-Step
Approach to PPC Services

We, at The Go-To Guy!, understand the potential of PPC marketing through its specific targeting and transparent budgeting. Our experience in delivering PPC Marketing Services and online ads for the highest conversion has provided us with the right insights to create ads that convert.

Here’s how we make that happen:

  • 1
    Studying Your Audience

    First, we study your potential clients and their pain points to eventually get to the ‘Why’ that motivates your prospects.

  • 2
    Analyzing Your Competition

    Then, we analyze your competition to fabricate ads that will differentiate you by manifolds.

  • 3
    Defining The Objective

    After that, we define the key goals to gain clarity that caters to the campaign success.

  • 4
    Determining The KPIs

    Subsequently, to make our Google ads management services more effective, we determine the KPIs that include Conversion Rate, Average Click-through Rate, Quality Score, Average Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion, and others.

  • 5
    Researching On Keywords

    Then comes the research. We extensively research the relevant keywords to reach the target audience efficiently. Research is at the backbone of our PPC Marketing Services.

  • 6
    Curating Eye-Catching Ads

    Then we curate compelling ads with persuasive copies amalgamated with the best designs and then launch the campaign.

  • 7
    Monitoring The Results

    And finally, we monitor the campaign closely and consistently to see what works and what doesn’t to optimize it for the best results.

  • 8
    Consistent Reporting

    After a systematic tracking of your results based on predetermined metrics, we update you with a sophisticated reporting of all the results on a consistent basis.

Our PPC Marketing Services Include

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads:Crafting compelling ads to attract potential clients to drive sales effortlessly. Leverage our Google Ads Services to drive leads from the largest search engine in the world!

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Search Ads:Reconnecting with people who’ve interacted with your brand online through captivating ads.

Google Local Services Ads

Google Search Ads:Formulating stellar strategies that make your products or services visible to the people who search for them within your targeted region.

Youtube Advertising

Youtube Advertising:Promoting your services on the second largest search engine - YouTube. Adopt YouTube Advertising with us to effortlessly reach the right target audience.

Display Ads Management

Display Ads Management:Fabricating eye-catching Display Ads to target your potential clients while they browse the internet.

Google Shopping Ads Management

Google Shopping Ads Management:Creating lucrative campaigns that make your products stand out and help you get quality leads.

Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign:Leveraging the power of social media to promote offerings and drive sales. With our deep domain expertise, you can utilize social media to the amplest.

Email Campaign

Email Campaign:Crafting strategic email campaigns to land directly in the inboxes of potential customers and generate leads.

Microsoft Advertising Management

Microsoft Advertising Management:Expanding the reach of your brand and promoting services on Bing. With us, you can seamlessly reach your targeted audience and generate quality leads.

Impact Of Our PPC Management Services

  • Client wanted to focus on increasing the qualified leads by reducing the cost per lead and and cost per qualified leads.

  • As you see in the graph, we were able to increase the growth by 344% in just 12 months.

  • Qualified lead’s cost per acquisition in Jan 2020 was Rs.16,743.85. By Dec 2020 we reduced it to Rs. 6,358.17.

  • Cost per acquisition in Jan 2020 was Rs. 2,576. By Dec 2020 we reduced it to Rs.1,994. Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn were the platforms on which we achieved this massive success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click, an internet marketing model used by search engines like Google. In this model, these publishers offer ad space to advertisers who pay a fee each time anyone clicks on one of their ads. The more relevant and targeted an ad is, the less advertisers are charged for it. Another reason for hiring an expert.
PPC Management Services refers to managing and overseeing the PPC Ad Spend on the search engines. It includes strategies that minimize the overall expenditure of the campaigns while improving the desired results i.e. conversions. The more fine-tuned the ads are, the better they perform.
The biggest benefit of PPC is that it contributes to the business goals of a company, impacting sales conversions directly. In addition to that, Google Ad Management Services allow a quick entry into the market as opposed to organic traffic or social media presence which requires a lot of time and effort to drive conversions and sales. Some of the other benefits include:
  • It's measurable and provides insightful data
  • Works extremely well with other marketing tools
  • Enables highly specific targeting capabilities
The 3 Key ways to improve PPC performance are:
  • Build A Strong Account Structure
  • Use high-performing keywords
  • Create negative keyword list
  • Optimize your keyword bids
  • Optimize your ad copy
Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, etc. are some of the widely used PPC ad types.
Both PPC and SEO are great strategies to achieve specific objectives. SEO is a great marketing technique to increase your website's traffic in the long run organically with zero cost.

While, you can opt for PPC if you want to achieve instant results in terms of brand awareness, conversions, sales, and traffic but this strategy costs you a certain amount.Check out SEO VS PPC

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