There is no right or wrong in branding and an individual opinion can drive a brand’s identity

Brand Identity, Marketing strategy - The Go-To Guy! - November 10, 2018

This is where most people fail in building strong brand identities. Before you step onto the platform of competitive media marketing, you…

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How to extend your personality to your brand & make it bigger than yourself…!

BeABrand, Marketing strategy - The Go-To Guy! - November 2, 2018

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”- said Coco Chanel, the founder of luxury fashion brand Chanel. • The…

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Well defined brands can be powerful, but well understood ones are the ones that stand out…

Powerful Brands, SEO - The Go-To Guy! - October 11, 2018

When we talk about brands that are well defined and brands that are well understood, we are talking about two different kinds…

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15 Tools To Help You Spy On Your Competitors

Competitor Benchmarking, Marketing Analysis - The Go-To Guy! - October 1, 2018

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” wrote Sun Tzu in…

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Influencer Marketing – Should you pursue it?

Brand Positioning, Influencer Marketing - The Go-To Guy! - September 17, 2018

The traditional means of marketing has given way to the new age, modern, socially viable means of marketing for the consumers of…

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How To Get Your Mobile App Reviewed By Top Reviewers?

Brand Positioning, Mobile Marketing - The Go-To Guy! - July 26, 2018

  You have built a great App. What next? How do you get noticed? Its no secret that the App market place…

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4 Reasons To Make Mobile Marketing Your Priority

BeABrand, Branding, SEO - The Go-To Guy! - July 26, 2018

When was the last time you checked your mobile? I am sure the answer is just a few mins back, if not…

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